Power Of Thrust #56: To impress a girl be yourself…if you’re good looking or rich. Otherwise you’ll need to distract her from the fact that she’s settling for you.

The Power of Thrust will help you fellas improve in many areas of life including dating. So what can we learn the Power Of Thrust #56?

1. Regardless of what they say, women are always attracted to physical attractiveness, money, status, power and some weird thing call mystery/adventure yadda yadda. Don’t argue, ladies. This is nature and is well documented in scientific study. Men, always start with this assumption. Sorry, that’s life.

2. Women are not attracted to guys who are nervous. You can’t blame them, dudes. Imagine you’re a soldier and your commanding officer was like “oh my gawd, on my gawd, what do we do now? We’re fucked. Lemme think lemme think. Holy shit we’re fucked!”

But if you had Russell Crowe or Brad Pitt yelling at you “Immortality! Take it! Its yours!” You’d be like, damn straight. I’m following this badass cuz he knows what he’s doing. He may not. But he sounds like he does.

3. Men who have good looks, money and status get a lot of attention from women and consequently are never nervous. If a girl rejects them there’s another one waiting. Its like being in a strip club.
Stripper 1: “Would you like a dance?” You: “Not right now.”
Stripper 2: “Would you like a dance?” You: “Not right now.”
Stripper 3: “Would you like a dance?” You: “Not right now.”
Stripper 1: “How about now?” You: “Ummm…..no.”

4. Women confuse the lack of nervousness with “being yourself.” That’s where they’re wrong. The more people want something the more they fear its loss. Being human = nervous. Who’s not nervous around a girl you’re madly in love with?

Then again maybe the woman bought so many guy’s bullshit hook, line and sinker she’s tired of guys screwing her over who “own a maple syrup conglomerate” and she prefers to reject you based on actual fact.

5. If you’re rich or good looking you can be yourself. And the rest of us will hate you and piss in your Ferrari’s gas tank.

6. Otherwise, don’t be yourself. We’re guys. Being ourselves means farting, porn, jerking off to your friend’s mother, thinking you’re trapped dating a psycho bitch but you can’t give up the free sex. Ladies don’t want to hear this shit. Human beings are flawed. Flawed is not attractive.

7. If you’re not rich or good looking you have to impress women with something further down the attractiveness scale that will overcome your other deficiencies, i.e. your beer gut, your jobless ass, your action figure collection.

Face it. She’d rather fuck the rock star. But she wants to be the only one the rock star is fucking and that ain’t gonna happen. If you could have a different Playboy playmate every night what would it take for you to settle down with one woman? Now you know how a hot chic feels.

But you say “dude, I’m already a rock star.” A rock star in his own mind is otherwise known as a douche bag. But that’s another Power and another article to be discussed. Get over yourself.

In upcoming articles, The Power of Thrust will explore tactics to show not just women, but everyone, the best part of you. You’re not trying to fool them. You’re just trying to show them that even though you’re not a rock star you do score highly in non-shallow bitch areas of interest. And then pray she gives a shit.

But if you really want to date a shallow bitch we have How-To’s for that too. To coin phrase from Harry Potter you could say that’s in our “Dark Arts” section cuz dealing with mean shallow bitches means war.

Just remember, “be yourself” means if you’re not rich or good looking you’re really gonna have to come up with some amazing angle that’s going to make her stop searching for those rock stars and date you instead. But for Gawd’s sake, don’t be yourself. Unless yourself involves having a 12 inch penis.

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2 responses to “Power Of Thrust #56: To impress a girl be yourself…if you’re good looking or rich. Otherwise you’ll need to distract her from the fact that she’s settling for you.

  1. Excellent blog. You have made a new devotee. Please keep up the fabulous writings and I look forward to more of your gripping writings.

    • thepowerofthrust

      Hi Iris,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re still in kind of a beta launch. We hope to be updating much more in about a month as well as posting a new video blog every week, maybe more than one. We’re coming up with ideas and developing them now. Working hard on the content. Thanks again for your support and subscribe if you haven’t and also check out our youtube page at http://www.youtube.com/thepowerofthrust.

      We appreciate it!

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