Power of Thrust #559: If you don’t know how to spell a word when typing stuff on the internet look it up on google. Because when someone sees you mispelled a word they’ll think you’re an itiot.

Ever be reading Twitter or Facebook and someone will write something innocent and then misspell a word. What goes through your mind? Totally fucking idiot. Right? We’re not counting your hip-hop friends who are trying to go all ebonics on you and be cool. We’re talking about people who are honest to God trying to sound normal and misspell a word.

If the word is something like onomatopoeia (the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it such as “buzz” or “hiss” or “skank ho”) then sure. Someone will get that wrong. But if its normal shit like especially spelled “especsially” then y’know what, that person is an idiot.

Abe does this all the time. (who’s Abe? Check out the About section. We talk about him all the time and he writes some of the blog. But he’s our black actor). Now I love Abe. And he doesn’t annoy me as much as other people. But his emails crack me up.

I went through my inbox to see if I could find one of his misspelling laced emails and I only had to look back to the first one I found:

“Yessir. Do it up & I’ll pay you back when you get here. Your first 2 drinks are on me. Trust me. It’ll eaqual 25 bucks. Lol”

Yessir. Grammatically incorrect but slang so ok I’ll let that pass. But “eaqual?” That’s just lazy. Put two faux pas together and that equals a couple cans short of a six pack. Now I know Abe so it doesn’t bother me. And 2 caveats: 1) he’s black. 2) he’s an actor.

Black- black people get away with alot of shit in our society, like wearing an all-white leisure suit. But that’s okay. They can also get away with misspellings and poor grammar cuz of the whole ebonics thing. That’s fine too cuz we all like to bust a move.

Actor- lots of actors are dumb. Abe’s not dumb. He’s actually an intelligent and articulate guy. So articulate that he actually gets passed up on roles that require dumb, ghetto black dudes. He doesn’t talk all gangstah like that sheeeittt.

But what Abe is, and what alot of actors are, is ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder. I don’t know if he’s been diagnosed but he knows he has a really short attention span. In short, he just wants to get the message across and he don’t care if its spelled right, wrong, left or what. He knows you get it. But you don’t know that if you don’t know Abe.

Long story short, use spell check. If Facebook or whatever doesn’t have it, look it the fuck up. Cuz being stupid is only good if you’re a hot chic with big tits.

Words googled for this post:
faux pas

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