Power of Thrust #397: Some people don’t wait for their ship to come in. They swim out to it. Those people are stupid. Rent a boat. Its faster.

Wanna see my dingy?

Wanna see my dingy?

Some people just think things are going to come to them. We see this alot in our pretty homecoming king and queen friends in L.A. who were all the quarterback and prettiest girls in school. Their entire life was easy and they think Hollywood is going to be easy. Then they go to an audition and see 300 people just as good looking as they are.

But its not just the pretty people. There’s alot of geeks out here who think they’re super talented and its just going to happen for them. So they don’t work hard. We’ve been around this town long enough to see people come in and people leave. They leave because they don’t work hard.

I guess that’s where this saying comes from, don’t wait for your ship to come in. Swim out to it. Its about being proactive. But we’re in shitty shape so swimming is out of the question. And Abe is black so he doesn’t like water.

That’s why you’ve got to not only become more assertive, you’ve got to outdo your competition. While they’re swimming out to the ship, you’re in a boat, splashing wake in their pretty faces going “whasup, suckah?” Its not cheating if there’s no rules against it.

And THAT is the Power of Thrust.

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