“Lady Killer” vampire short film

Just in time for Halloween, check out one of the first short films I’ve ever done, a vampire flick called “Lady Killer.” When a woman goes home with her date for a bite she begins to wonder exactly he means. (TRT 8:15)

Screened at:
The Vampire Film Fest. (The 2009 fest is 10/23-24 in New Orleans.)
The Mini DV Film Festival
The Salt Lake Asian Pacific Film Festival
The Smogdance Film Festival
The Asian Film Festival of Dallas
The Color of Film Festival of North Carolina
Colored Pictures Short Film Festival

This was my “artsy” supernatural horror short. I had a script with the same tone and look and wanted to make a short along the same lines.

This was film as part of the University of Florida Filipino Student Association Filmmakers Bootcamp. I agreed to show a dozen or so students and friends how to make movies the Hollywood way and together we shot 3 short films, 1 music video and 8 spec commercials over 6 weeks in 2002.

Lady Killer’s budget was about $30 for soda and pizza. We used work lights from Home Depot, practicals. We even filmed one scene with candle light. I kid you not. It was a long long night. But in the end we’re very proud of our film that’s shown in alot of festivals around the country.

Starring Camille Francisco Harbison and Jorge R. Serrano.
Cast/crew included then UF FSA students Patricia Jamo-Place, Frank Factora, Ted Palada, Abe Spigner, Annalisa Cachin, Kim Cabrera, Anthony Lim, Michelle Senerpida Barnas.

Music by Alexander Vishno

Patricia Jamo-Place(played girl in magazine): “It was soooo much fun to be involved with this project. I just remember laughing all night…Good times!”

Jorge R. Serrano(played the Man): “I had just gotten separated from my wife that day and was completely out of it. Almost an out body experience. I nevertheless still drove a long way to help my film school buddy. Good news is I got my family back afterwards. Congratulation Walter. The new post production looks great. Good job.”

Camille Francisco(played the girl): “Walter…that night will forever be etched in my memory! Can’t believe that was 9 years ago!” (actually it was 7 but who’s counting)

Official One Sheet

Official One Sheet

Copyright (c) 2009 Waltertainment


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