POT#890: A rule of Hollywood, if something is successful why not copy it until we run it into the ground.

“Clash of the TItans” trailer. Check it out…

Let’s see, big score- check. CGI- check. Someone jumping to the camera with a weapon- check. Hyper editing- check. Sped up shots- check. British accents- check.

Basically “300” Part 2, the Not As Good Version. See, people in studios gotta justify there jobs. They know they’re gonna get fired. What the best way to prolong that?

Get an old “pre-sold” idea so its easier to market and remake it. But don’t just remake it. Remake it in the style of recent success, i.e. 300. Throw a bunch of CGI at it and wala, a $100million dollar tent pole.

Well here’s hoping it doesn’t suck. I admit, big childhood fan of the original cheesy Harry Hamlin Clash of the Titans. What do you think of the trailer?

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