Power of Thrust #556: The difference between older and younger people at the club is young people do Beyonce’ music video dance moves all night then smoke a cigarette. Older folks do Janet Jackson music video dance moves for 45 seconds then hyperventilate.

I went clubbing the other night for a friend’s bday, Busby’s in Los Angeles. A sports bar/night club. We were having some drinks while sports and music videos came on, one of which was Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” i.e. the greatest video of all time according to Kanye West.

Anyway, fast forward to later on the dance floor. Single Ladies comes on. I used to be a pretty snazzy dancer back in the day, doing dance routines and stuff.

I quickly busted some Beyonce’-ish dance moves, popping, locking, all that cool “ing” shit. About 45 seconds later, I was about to die.

Earth to Walter, its officially no longer back in the day.

Old guy at the club = 1st day at aerobics class. Everyone else is jumping around with ease while you’re hunched over resting hands on your knees in a puddle of you’re own sweat thinking “God, I’ve become my dad.”

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