Power of Thrust #798: Y’know what kills your morning plans? Waking up in the afternoon.

So its my homeboy’s bday last night. We did the drinks, dinner, drinks, crash someone else’s party thing. Then we broke out of the party at 1:30am and what to do next. Eat? Go home?

I joked “strip club.” While driving him home he wonders if there’s an afterhours or anything else going on and I joke “strip club” again. I kinda wanted to go home. But guess where we decided to go?

So we’re looking for this strip club, Rouge, because its high quality but still has cheap lap dances. I’ll go into how you rate strip clubs some other time.

We get the address from his phone and try to find it on a map and get lost. If you’ve ever been to a strip club you what kind of neighborhoods they’re in. Industrial places. Storage facilities. Warehouses. Dark. Deserted areas of town. And we’re fucking lost.

So we FINALLY find this fucking place and y’know what? Closed. Fuck. At that point I’m almost ready to call it a night but he’s like “after driving for around for an hour this night is not going to end unless I see some titties.”

So we look for another strip club and its around the corner. Open. We still pay the $20 cover, or I pay the $20 cover for him, even though we only have 90min. left til they close. Its now 2:20am.

I kind of just chilled cuz it was his night. He was cautious at first, waiting for the 2 for 1 lap dance deals etc. (They finally roped in a bunch of cheap dudes with the 4 for 1 deal with a free calendar thrown in.) But $250 later he emerges as we close the club at 4am.

After taking him home I get home at 5am and to sleep at 5:30am.

I just woke up. Its 2pm Sunday. I had shit to do but oh well. There goes the day. Hence Power of Thrust #798: Y’know what kills your morning plans? Waking up in the afternoon.

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