Summary of recent thoughts and shtuff:

Power of Thrust#371: Late Friday afternoon is what I like to call “pretending to work time”.

POT #611 A creative mind can rationalize anything. For example, I ate a slice of fatty chocolate cake today cuz hey, its Friday!

Just talked to a celebrity’s mom, producer of her daughter’s film I’m working on. POT# 589 Nepotism is bisexual. It swings both ways.

That’s Power of Thrust worthy! RT@fatgator Taking a husband antiquing is like bringing a bowling ball surfing

I love the word “phlegm”. I don’t know what’s funnest: saying it, spelling it or coughing it up and spitting it out.

I just turned up the volume on a German movie that’s subtitled. I don’t understand German. Why the hell did I do that?

RT @DJEvillincoln *playing Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait”* Chic: “This is the first good song you’ve played all night.” Me: “…….” really happnd – DJ stories from Abe

RT @RevRunWisdom Rule of Thumb:: Dont cry over anyone who wont cry over you… (That’s right Rev! Fk that btch! – POT)

Power of Thrust #410: Ladies, you’re never cute enough to get the DJ to play Techno ever. Put the boobs away. – DJ stories from Abe

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  1. Awesome website and i totally take notice with the author on this one right here. Its crazy, thats what i should write about this post. Because this def is what the whole life is about am i right? Keep it up!

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