GRRR, I’m a DJ part 3: No Jonas Brothers!

Angry black man, Abe aka DJEvillincoln waxes poetic, well, make that yells and screams, his wisdom to the world from the point of view of a frustrated angry mad DJ. Part 3 in a series of hilarious rants where he doesn’t the boy band crap you request.

Find out more about Abe and the success secrets to life as told from Hollywood underdogs at

Starring Abe Spigner
Directed and Produced by Walter Boholst
Copyright (c) Waltertainment 2010

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One response to “GRRR, I’m a DJ part 3: No Jonas Brothers!

  1. Brilliant, I would love to do the Bill Cos…, no, I am not black, the Pat Boone version of what you’re doing, and I have just started a newsletter (not out yet) but it’s the same concept of what you’re doing, for all types of events, not just clubs. I loved your video and all the guys that work for me like them also. Keep it up, you like the little guy on our shoulder, saying what we would like to say. When I used to work in the clubs years ago, that shit would slip out and if felt soooo good, but I would get shit for it. So keep it up.

    Gil, no DJ name, just Gil

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